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Programs : Budget Sheet

The following listing represents the Interim (May Term) Budget Sheet for *UA Honors in New Zealand: One Really Awesome South Pacific Adventure.

Interim (May Term) Budget Sheet for *UA Honors in New Zealand: One Really Awesome South Pacific Adventure
Interim (May Term) Budget Sheet for *UA Honors in New Zealand: One Really Awesome South Pacific Adventure
Budget Item Internal
Overseas Program Tuition *   $1,260.00
Travel Fee *   $0.00
Academic Program Fee *   $3,840.00
CISI Insurance Fee *   $55.00
College/Course Fee *   $45.00
Billable subtotal:  $5,200.00
Airfare   $2,200.00
Meals   $300.00
Non-billable subtotal:  $2,500.00
Total: $7,700.00
The 2019 UA Honors in New Zealand: One Really Awesome South Pacific Adventure Program package rate is $ 5,200 (exclusive of non-UA billable items) as shown above.  

Advanced Payment Dates/Amounts
December 9, 2018 $   250.00
January 19, 2019 $1,650.00
February 16, 2019 $1,650.00
March 23, 2019 $1,650.00

Education Abroad and Student Receivables Payment Process for Faculty Led Programs
  • Advance payments, equal to the total program price, are required for study abroad programs.
  • The due dates and the breakdown of payment deposits are specified above. Any outstanding student account balance must be paid by confirmation date. (This means that if you have charges unrelated to the study abroad program, they will be deducted from monies paid toward the trip and your participation will not be allowed until the balance is paid in full.)
  • On April 15, 2019, all semester charges, including study abroad charge, will appear on your student bill.
  • All summer 2019 schedules must be confirmed by noon on May 10, 2019.
  • If space is available, payment can be made, and enrollment permitted at a later date with approval of the instructor and the Education Abroad office. Tuition and related fees are not deferrable to the next term for study abroad courses.
How to make a payment:
In person payments by cash or check can be processed by the Student Account Services Office located at 105 Student Services Center.
Only UA Endorsed students can make payments to a faculty-led study abroad program. 
Web payments by credit card or check:
  • myBama Student Tab – Pay Student Bill – Deposits Tab – Select Term – Select study abroad program based on the form of payment – Enter payment amount – Select payment method – Enter credit card/bank account information and follow the remaining payment screens
  • A confirmation email will be sent once the payment has processed successfully
***Credit/Debit card payments are only accepted online and will include a non-refundable convenience fee of 2.85% (minimum $3.00). Web check payments will not incur the convenience fee.

In the case of a withdrawal of a participant, the charge to the student will be at least a $100.00 non-refundable cancellation fee plus any costs already incurred by the University of Alabama on behalf of the participant. This will be determined based upon the date of withdrawal and costs incurred for the specific program. If UA has incurred no costs, a refund will be credited to the participant’s student account. To start a withdrawal form, click here. The Education Abroad office can assist with any questions that might arise.

Students receiving aid (Scholarship, Financial Aid, State/Federal VA Benefits, PACT): 
Students wishing to use aid for study abroad must meet with an advisor in that office to discuss available options and to assure that funds are available by the May 10, 2019 deadline for final payment. The initial deposit of $250.00 must be paid by the participant.

Please note:
  • There may be enrollment rules that student's must adhere to regarding aid. For instance, financial aid students must be at least half time (6 hours in summer) to receive federal funding.
  • Any portion of the balance due that is not covered by financial aid will be due by the dates specified on the budget sheet and PDF below. The student is responsible for the costs incurred even if no aid is awarded.
To request aid: 
  1. Print the PDF (found in your application after you have become UA Endorsed)
  2. Fill out student information
  3. Take to Education Abroad office to obtain a signature (135 BB Comer)
  4. Take the signed SCP to the corresponding aid office (Scholarship, Financial Aid, State/Federal VA Benefits, PACT) to determine if you have aid eligibility to apply to these costs.

* Billable item