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Programs : Budget Sheet

The following listing represents the Interim (May Term) Budget Sheet for *UA in Europe: Finding Meaning - The Synergy of Psychology & Art.

Interim (May Term) Budget Sheet for *UA in Europe: Finding Meaning - The Synergy of Psychology & Art
Interim (May Term) Budget Sheet for *UA in Europe: Finding Meaning - The Synergy of Psychology & Art
Budget Item Internal
Overseas Program Tuition *   $1,260.00
Travel Fee *   $3,124.00
Academic Program Fee *   $221.00
Ed Abroad (Capt Intl) Insurance *   $50.00
College/Course Fee *   $45.00
Billable subtotal:  $4,700.00
Airfare   $1,600.00
Meals   $500.00
Books & Supplies   $40.00
Non-billable subtotal:  $2,140.00
Total: $6,840.00
The UA in Europe: Finding Meaning - The Synergy of Psychology & Art Program package rate is $ 4,700.00 (exclusive of non-UA billable items) as shown above.  

Advanced Payment Dates/Amounts
December 9, 2017 $   250.00
January 19, 2018 $1,484.00
February 16, 2018 $1,483.00
March 23, 2018 $1,483.00

Education Abroad and Student Receivables Payment Process for Faculty Led Programs

Instructions for making program payments:
  1. After you have completed the first phase of the online application and your status has been changed to “UA Endorsed,” your deposit is due in order to secure your spot in the program.
  2. Print the Summarized Cost and Payment sheet from your application and take it to the Education Abroad (EA) office located in 135 BB Comer. EA will verify your acceptance and stamp your summarized cost sheet. NOTE: If you are a transient student, please contact the Education Abroad office at 205-348-5256 for additional information.
  3. Deliver the stamped Summarized Cost and Information Sheet to Student Receivables (SR -­- 105 Student Services Building) and make the program deposit. Deposits are normally $250, but are dependent on the program. The initial deposit must be made in person by cash, check or credit card, and cannot be made by anticipated aid. The SR cashier will post the deposit to your account.
  4. SR will notify the Education Abroad office that your payment has been made and this will be reflected in the online application system.
  5. Make any additional required payments to Student Receivables on or before the date listed in the Summarized Cost and Payment sheet. The policy on program payments is provided below.
Important Information:
  • Only accepted (“endorsed”) and verified students can make payment deposits in order to secure their spot in the program.
  • Financial Aid: Students using Financial Aid to pay for their programs are required to meet with a financial aid advisor (prior to paying the deposit) to determine how anticipated aid would apply to the study abroad program cost. Print out an additional copy of the Summarized Cost and Payment sheet for the meeting with the Financial Aid office.
  • Scholarships: Students using Scholarships to pay for their program are encouraged to talk with the Scholarship office (prior to the deposit) to determine what portion of funding can be used for the study abroad program. To apply scholarship funding to your program, you must first complete the scholarship for study abroad request form in your MyBama account.

Withdrawal Policy on Payments for UA Faculty-Led Study Abroad Programs
  • In the case of withdrawal of a participant, the charge to the student will be at least a $100.00 non-refundable cancellation fee plus the costs already incurred by the University of Alabama for the participant. This will be determined based upon the date of withdrawal and costs incurred for your specific program. If no costs have been incurred by the University, a refund will be credited to the participant student’s account.
    • To withdraw from a program, complete the Study Abroad Withdrawal Form and turn it in to your Education Abroad Advisor.
    • To be considered for a medical or compassionate withdrawal, complete the Medical/Compassionate Withdrawal Form and turn it into the Director of Education Abroad. Be aware that proper documentation needs to be submitted for these types of withdrawals.
* Billable item